[2017-2 Ph.D's Thesis] 중국 고령화 배경 아래의 노인 여행 가치 공동 창조에 관한 연구

2018-03-28 06:16
중국 고령화 배경 아래의 노인 여행 가치 공동 창조에 관한 연구

장신쳉 Zhang Xincheng

Population aging is one of the major problems faced by the whole world in the 21st century. China has to face more severe challenges due to an early entrance into aging society. The increase of the elderly population will bring about the overall change of economic activities and social development, and various demands also lead to the development of the elderly industry. Population ageing is a global issue that affects almost every country. Most ageing researches focused on demand side and studies related to supply side were relatively scarce. Today’s development in Internet has made information spreading much faster, allowing the elderlies to more easily access information, or even actively participate in value co-creation in the services provided.
The content is mainly about: Analysis of tourism experience, experience value, value co- creation, Senior tourist’s characteristics, Value Co-creation model and process in senior tourism, Value co-creation influence mechanism. This study’s analytic structure is based on the mixed research method with qualitative and quantitative research, aiming to investigate with the business patterns of middle-aged and elderly tourism industry in China, and to analyze the business models and value co-creation design with 10 tourism enterprises. Further more, to analyze the attitude intention with co-creation value for middle-aged and elderly People in China, we try to realize the value co-creation design with qualify middle-aged and elderly enterprises through viewpoints with 100 elderly people.
The purpose of this study is to Make practical suggestions and value co-creation models for the tourism service provider based on the understanding of senior tourist’s characteristic in China, and construct theoretical model of the value co-creation influence mechanism in senior tourism and Carry out an empirical study on it, so as to help with the discovery of business opportunities and innovative service models and co-creation value design to improve the quality of life for the elderly population. As elderly needs and challenges are regarded as unprecedented experience, the relevant ministries and organizations are still learning and proposing new and innovative service models. We advocate societies which allow everybody to understand the needs of the elderly sector, provide creative products and service models, develop new market opportunities,.
As most of the target customers were assembles of small markets, the big enterprises often provided compound services, instead of only a single service. Depending on the core business of each enterprise, the proportions of models adopted differed. One feature of senior tourism enterprise is that the services provided are elderly-centered. Through investigating successful cases of senior enterprises, this study intends to discover the opportunities for businesses and develop innovative service models, aiming to support the growth of the senior tourism industry and provide better ageing environment and assistance. Through value co-creation design, the senior tourism enterprises can convert the originally passive roles of the elderly and service providers into active participants in the value co-creation process.
The new paradigm of co-creation presents huge opportunity for senior enterprises. Through value co-creation design, the senior enterprises can convert the originally passive roles of the elderly and service providers into active ones, help them become participants of the value co-creation process, and promoted innovative development during the interactive process in services. Value co-creation can lead enterprises reveal customers’ experiences and meet their needs, increase markets and profits, and also build a new paradigm to put customer experience at the center of the senior tourism experience design.

Aging Population, Senior Tourist, Tourism Experience, Value Co-creation