[2017-1 Master's Thesis] 게임의 불확정성 - 스마트폰 플랫폼 하에 LBS요소의 AR게임에 관한 연구

2018-03-28 07:03
게임의 불확정성 - 스마트폰 플랫폼 하에 LBS요소의 AR게임에 관한 연구

황서기 Huang Shu qi

This study will analyze games with LBS + AR feature from the perspective of game uncertainty. In recent years, with the increasing number of smartphone users, the importance of smartphone games has attracted attention of both players and designers. Speci cally, smartphone games with location-based service (LBS) and augmented reality (AR) have been successful, which encourage researchers to study on how players perceive games with LBS +AR feature and on how game designers should design such games. Pokémon GO is the most successful case of games with LBS + AR feature, therefore the focus of this study.
Games need uncertainty to maintain players’ interest and help game developers to keep players in the game. Players participate in the gameplay because they are uncertain of either the process or the result of the game. Uncertainties are used by game designers to design and analyze games.
This study presents nine different sources of uncertainties, which are categorized into two groups. The sources of uncertainty of gameplay involve randomness, hidden information, narrative anticipation, development anticipation and schedule uncertainty. The sources of uncertainty of players are performative uncertainty, solvers’ uncertainty, unpredictability and analytic complexity. The study uses these nine different sources to analyze games with LBS + AR feature.
A game analyzing model, in other words, a Game Analyzing Hexagon was designed in order to provide a new way to analyze games. A comparison of Pokémon Go with the traditional console game Pokémon Red and Blue was also conducted, which indicated that games with LBS + AR feature could generate more sources of uncertainty than the traditional Pokémon Red and Blue.
Furthermore, a questionnaire with Pokémon Go players and interviews with players and game designers were also conducted and the result was in line with the ndings reported in using uncertainties to analyze games.

LBS, AR, Games Uncertainty, Smartphone