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What is IxDL ?

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Do you remember the first time you used a smartphone or VR device? Do you recall the “wow” moment you felt when you discovered some new interactions? The quality of an interactive experience lies in the details. In Micro-Interaction Design Center, we seek to discover new interactive style, function and experience across all types of devices and platforms. We use Interaction Design Language (IxDL) as the main method of research. For more information, please look the intro video below.




루오타오  罗涛 LuoTao

국민대학교 테크노디자인전문대학원 인터랙션디자인전공 박사

현. 국민대학교 테크노디자인전문대학원
스마트경험디자인학과 인터랙션디자인랩 조교수

전. SK Telecom, T map UX Design Team,
UX Design Manager

책 《交互设计语言——与万物对话的艺术》저자

e-mail. neoluotao@gmail.com


Case 1: Interactive Bus Route Design

Case 2: Shortcuts to Frequently Used Pages

自定义交互/ IxDL Toolkit


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